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Activities:   Attractions

Decatur, AL has great attractions for families, kids, Civil War and history buffs, art and culture lovers, and outdoor enthusiasts. Parks include the Point Mallard Park, Wheeler Wildlife Refuge, and many City of Decatur parks. Museums range from the Blue and Gray Museum that focuses on the Civil War to the Cook's Natural Science Museum. For those seeking arts and culture, Decatur has the Princess Theatre for the Performing Arts and the Carnegie Visual Arts Center, among other attractions.

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Cook's Natural Science Museum

Cook's Natural Science Museum

Cook's Natural Science Museum features a fantastic arrangement of natural wonders in one of the South's finest museums of its type. The site provides an extensive assortment of exotic insects, mounted birds, animals, minerals, sea shells and coral in over 2,000 exhibits and artifacts. Wildlife common to the Tennessee Valley is featured in one display with over 50 species of insects, animals and water life from the region. Protected and endangered species are included in the museum's vast collection including rare displays of a bald eagle and golden eagle. The facility also offers a 64-seat auditorium used to show natural science films.

Located at 412 13th St., Decatur; (256) 350-9347. Open Monday-Saturday 9 a.m.-noon and 1-5 p.m., Sunday 2-5 p.m. Free admission.